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Black Skin Care Products

Each year, millions of dollars are spent on black skin care product. Everyone uses them on a daily basis and probably never think twice about what is in them. We take for granted that items such as deodorant, eye shadow, body lotions and any other black skin care product are good for us. But are they really? Do you know what's in that bottle of shampoo? Could there be something in your skin cream that is hazardous to your health?

Commercial deodorants, hair spray, nail polish, perfumes, hand and body lotions all contain in them what are called phthalates. This chemical has been known to cause birth defects and has shown up in higher than normal levels in pregnant women. Some might say to basically using treatments with phthalates, but the problem is that not all treatments list them on their labels.

One could also think that by walking into a health food store and simply getting "all natural" cosmetics could easily fix the problem. The bottom line is this is a lot more difficult than you could imagine. Much of this is due to companies wanting to cash in on the movement towards "all natural" products. Just because a product says there are one or two natural products in it, like lavender or aloe, does not a safe product make. Get in the habit of reading labels, take a close look at what is going into the product you are buying and don't take the advertisement's word for it that all the ingredients are safe.

If an item says "All Natural" on the label, doesn't mean it is. This term has become a catchphrase in society and many times "all natural" hinges on any number of loopholes available to be able to name a black skin care product as such. There are a few companies out there who do strive to keep their black skin care products as natural as possible and you can find them, it might take a little bit of time and effort to do so.

A happy, healthy consumer is a well informed consumer. Don't take the advertising hype and labels as the gospel truth. Dig deeper, read the labels carefully, scrutinize the ingredients. Be aware that some ingredients in the black skin care product you are purchasing can cause allergic reactions. Some of the ingredients attributed to allergic reactions are jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and lavender. Do a test patch on your skin first before you start using the product, you don't want to end up with a nasty rash, or in the worst case scenario, in a hospital.

For more info, see Black Skin Care and Black Skin Care Product. Ron King is a web developer; visit his website Skin Care.

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